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According to the article 6 of the law n°2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for the confidence in the digital economy, it isspecified to the users of the site the identity of the various speakers within the framework of its realization and its follow-up:
This privacy policy applies to all sites and platformspublished by SOFIBIM Bagatel, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies
Register under no. 508 292 083, whose registered office is located at 54 Avenue Marceau, 75008 Paris, represented by CORNU Célia in her capacity as Managing Director (here in after "the Company" or "Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle"), and in particular the website accessible at the URL address: (hereinafter "the Site").Via the Site, the Company offers various services presented in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale (here in after "the Services").The company, concerned about the rights ofindividuals, particularly with regard to automated processing, and in a desirefor transparency with its customers, has established a policy covering all such processing, the purposes pursued by the latter and the means of action available to individuals so that they can best exercise their rights.The Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle undertakes to implement adequate measures for the protection, confidentiality and security of Personal Data in accordance with the regulations in force in France and the European Union, in particular the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data EU 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 and the rules of national law adopted for its application.For any further information on the protection of personal data, we invite you to consult the website: Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle invites you to read this Policy carefully to learn about and understand the processing of Personal Data. In any event, we undertake to respect the following two (2)essential principles: the individual remains in control of his or her personal data;
data is processed in a transparent, confidential and secure manner.
1. Identity of the data controller
SOFIBIM Bagatel, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under no.508 292 083, with its registered office at 54 Avenue Marceau, 75008 Paris. Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle acts as Data Controller for the following activities: Management of contact requests
Newsletter management
Online booking and payment management Cookies
2. Contact details for our DPO
Our Data Protection Officer (hereinafter "DPO") is available to respond to all requests, including the exercise of rights, relating to your personal data. You can contact him :Either by e-mail at the followingaddress: Or by post: 54 Avenue Marceau, 75008 Paris
3. Data collection & origin
Via the website, Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle and its partners processpersonal data concerning you. We consider that this data comes directly fromyou.In all cases, you are informed of the purposes forwhich your data is collected by us via the various online data collection formsor via our Cookie Policy.Your personal data collected by Compagnie Hôtelière deBagatelle is processed in accordance with the purposes set out at the time ofcollection, in compliance with the RGPD and CNIL guidelines.
4. Processing purposes and legal basis Below you will find details of how weprocess your personal data.
4.1 Managing contact requestsWhen you send us your personal data for this purpose,it will be processed for the following purposesMaking contact Answering requests received via thesite form
Processing is based on your consent.
4.2 Newsletter management When you provide us withyour personal data for this activity, it will be processed for the followingpurposes Sending customer newsletters
Sending newsletters to prospective customers Newsletter subscription management
Processing is based on your consent.
4.3 Online booking and payment managementWhen you provide us with your personal data inconnection with this activity, it will be processed for the purposes of :Process, manage and deliver your reservation
Manage your stay: manage access to rooms, track your consumption (telephony,bar, pay TV, etc.)
manage your payments and banking transactions in connection with a reservation
Manage our relationship with our customers before, during and after their staySecure payment operations by determining the level of fraud risk associatedwith each transaction. This processing is necessary for the execution ofpre-contractual and contractual measures established for the purpose ofconfirming your reservation.
4.4 Cookies
Operations relating to this processing are carried out for the followingpurposes: Monitoring site navigation; Audience measurement; Carrying out orfacilitating the transmission of a communication via an electroniccommunications network; Provision of an information society service expresslyrequested by the subscriber or user. Universal analytics" data iscollected via IP addresses by Google Analytics. They enable us to measure theSite's audience, consultations and any errors in order to improve the browsingexperience. This processing is based on legitimate interest for functional cookies,and is based on the consent of the persons concerned for the others.
5. Categories of data collected
You can consult the details of your personal data that we are likely to processin the context of the treatments presented above. (The compulsory or optionalnature of the personal data collected and the possible consequences of failureto reply are indicated on the associated forms at the time of collection).NB: the lists of data provided below are not intendedto be exhaustive and are intended above all to inform you of the categories ofdata that Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle is likely to process.You provide us with some of this data when:You fill in the contact and registration forms on theSite;
You fill in the contact and registration forms on the Site; You use the variousmeans of contact available on the Site (telephone, e-mail, chat);You browse theSite;
5.1. Data collected for processing: Management of contact requestsInformation fromnon-commercial communication material: Communication content, InformationexchangesIdentity-related information: Personal e-mail, Lastname, First nameInformation relating to professional life:Professional e-mail
5.2. Data collected for processing: NewslettermanagementIdentity information: Personal e-mail, Birth name,Spouse's name, First nameProfessional information: Professional e-mail
5.3. Data collected for processing: Online booking andpayment managementFinancial information: Card verification code (CVC),Card expiry date, Card number, Card typeIdentity information: Personal e-mail, Nationality,Birth name, Spouse's name, First name, Private landline telephone, Privatemobile telephoneElectronic data: IP addressService information: Booking date, Arrival anddeparture dates, Customer purchase details, Transaction number, Booking number,Selected rate, Any other information provided by the customer.
5.4. Data collected for processing: Cookie managementElectronic information: IP addresses, MAC addresses,history of pages visited
6. Recipients
The recipients of your data are primarily ourselves, for processing your ordersand managing customer relations. More specifically, the internal recipientsare: the sales department, the marketing department, and the teams of the hotelconcerned by your reservation (with specific authorizations for eachdepartment).Other recipients of your personal data may include ourIT service provider, our payment and payment security service providers, ourhosting service provider, our delivery service providers, as well as ourthird-party service providers and third-party platforms.Other organizations that may have access to your dataare :Where applicable, the relevant courts, mediators,chartered accountants, statutory auditors, lawyers, bailiffs, debt collectionagencies;
Third parties who may place cookies on your terminals (computers, tablets, cellphones, etc.) with your consent (for more details, see our Cookie Policy);
Your personal data will not be communicated, exchanged, sold or rented withoutyour prior express consent, in accordance with applicable legal and regulatoryprovisions.
7.Retention period
We do not keep your personal data longer than is necessary for the purposes forwhich it was collected, as described in article 4 of this Policy, and ifnecessary increased by the periods required by law.You can check the retention periods applied to theprocessing that concerns you by making a request to our Data Protection Officerby e-mail to
8. Data transfers outside the European Union
In some cases, your personal data will be stored on servers located outside theEEA.This is notably the case when we transfer information to some of ourpartners, notably via cookies to Google, likely to store in servers in theUnited States. We have ensured that standard contractual clauses approved bythe European Union Commission are in place in order to contractualize thesecurity obligations and measures provided for by the RGPD, as provided for inits Article 46.You may request access to documents ensuring the presence ofappropriate safeguards by making a request to our Data Protection Officer bye-mail to
9.Social networks
When you visit us on social networks, they may processpersonal data about you using their cookies. We do not control these cookies onsocial networks. In addition, we are unable to access your accounts unless youtake affirmative action to do so. We invite you to refer to the privacypolicies of the social networks concerned for information relating to their useof your personal data.
10. Security and confidentiality of personal data
The Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle complies with the RGPD and the French DataProtection Act (Loi Informatique et Libertés) with regard to the security andconfidentiality of your data. We implement all necessary technical andorganizational measures to ensure the security of our personal data processingand the confidentiality of the data we collect. In this respect, we take allnecessary precautions, in view of the nature of the data and the riskspresented by the processing, to preserve security and, in particular, toprevent data from being distorted, damaged or accessed by unauthorized thirdparties (physical protection of premises, secure https protocol, logging andtraceability of connections to software deployed internally).
11. Your rights concerning your personal data
In accordance with the French Data Protection Act and the RGPD, you have thefollowing rights:Right to information on the processing of PersonalData.
The Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle undertakes to use its best efforts toprovide concise, transparent and accessible information on the conditions underwhich your Personal Data is processed.Right of access to Personal Data
You may access your Personal Data processed by Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle and have the right to receive a copy in electronic form (for any additional copies, Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle will be entitled to charge a fee based on the administrative costs incurred).Right to erasure ("right to be forgotten")and rectification of Personal Data
You have the right to request the deletion and/or rectification of any PersonalData concerning you that is erroneous or obsolete.It should be noted that Compagnie Hôtelière deBagatelle may retain certain Personal Data when required to do so by law or forlegitimate reasons. It is possible that if your Personal Data is deletedfollowing your request and before the expiry of the valid retention period,this may prevent us from providing you with the services you expect from us.Right of complaint to a supervisory authority
If you consider that the efforts made by Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle topreserve the confidentiality of Personal Data do not guarantee respect for yourrights, you have the possibility of lodging a complaint with the competentsupervisory authority (CNIL or any other authority mentioned on the listavailable from the European Commission).
You can exercise all the above rights by contacting our Data Protection Officerat
12. Minors
The Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle website is not intended for minors. La Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle does not voluntarily collect personal data from minors under the age of 15.
13. Modification of this policy
The mentions and verification of the website were carried out by on January 10, 2024.Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time in order to comply with legislative and regulatory changes and/or to improve it.In the event of modification, a new version will be updated and posted online with the "Last updated" date.
14. Cookies
Cookies" are small text files of limited size that enable us to recognize your computer, tablet or cell phone in order to personalize the services we offer you.
To give you a clearer idea of the information that cookies identify, you will find below a table listing the different types of cookies likely to be used onthe Website, their name, purpose and retention period:Facebook Pixel The Facebook pixel helps us to recognize you when you return to our site and to provide you with targeted offers on Facebook according to your interests, as well as to track the ads we serve.Google Analytics Enables us to compile statistics on the number ofvisits to and use of various elements of the website (such as the content/pages you have visited).This data is used to improve the ergonomics of the site.Most Internet browsers are configured by default to allow the deposit of cookies. Your browser gives you the opportunity to modify these standard settings so that all cookies are systematically rejected, or so that only some cookies are accepted or rejected, depending on the sender.Each Internet browser has its own cookie management settings. To find out how to modify your cookie preferences, click on the links below to access the appropriate menu in your browser:
For further information on cookie management tools, please consult the CNIL website: you have any questions or require further information about this cookie policy, please contact us at
15.Applicable law
The present conditions of use of the site are governed by French law and aresubject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the publisher's registered office,subject to a specific attribution of jurisdiction arising from a particularlegal or regulatory text. 

We would like to inform you that if you do not wish to be the subject of commercial canvassing by telephone, you can register free of charge on the Bloctel telephone canvassing opposition list.